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Coming Soon/Preorder! Gravestone Wreath Kit 10”

Get your order in now! The first round of kits will be shipping out by Friday, September 8th.  If you need more than 5, please send me a message and I will make you a custom listing for a package deal.  Directions will come in your box, additional materials needed are hot glue gun (optional), and/or white school glue, scissors (optional). 

The kit includes:

- One 10" grapevine wreath, cleaned; one gravestone on a stick; beige moss; distressed cheese cloth to act as a shroud/ribbon for your wreath; PLUS a fun mini skeleton to add wherever you want!  

- Video demonstration of the wreath making process will be available through Instagram, starting on Saturday, September 9th. Please message me if you need assistance.

- Additional directions for making the wreath will come in your box.