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Crafts & Cocktails

DIY Wreath Making & Floral Design Workshops

During our workshops, all the prep and clean-up is done for you! Why craft any other way?

Each party usually lasts about 3 hours. Your group will receive direct instruction to make a special seasonal wreath; all of the materials needed to make the wreath are provided and prepped for you!  There will also be time to socialize, do additional shopping, and enjoy some cocktails and delicious appetizers and desserts. 
These events can be held at my location in Hopewell Junction, NY, at a brick and mortar retail/food service location, or in the comfort of your own home. If we plan an event for your home or event location, we bring everything you need, including tables, extension cords, display needs.. everything! We only need to be guaranteed reasonable access to electrical outlets. 
If you are a brick and mortar retail store, restaurant, fundraising group, etc. and want to host a special event, please contact me to discuss the details. I would love to work with you!
Upcoming dates, times, and locations for open workshops will be announced on this website, through email, and on social media.  If you are interested in planning a private party with your own guests, not open to public registration, please contact me anytime!

Make a beautiful wreath and enjoy some cocktails. What’s not to love?