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Succulent Bowl and Vase Filler with Rattan Balls 4” size

Succulent print bowl and vase filler - 4" ball size, paired with natural colored rattan balls. 

The perfect bowl filler and accent for your seasonal table display. These decorative balls are handmade and have a unique papery finish, resembling paper mâché. They are always beautiful and never scented. The base of the ball is styrofoam and they are covered with high quality paper napkins, Mod Podge, and water. Your purchase comes as a beautiful complete set with the coordinating mix-ins shown.

You may need more than one set to fill a larger bowl or basket. These would also be a great addition to a tiered tray or beautiful seasonal tablescape. 

The bag includes: three FOUR INCH balls only.  This is a specialty sized set and it is paired with various sizes of natural colored rattan balls. The printed balls are handmade and never scented. Let's get decorating!