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Poppy Wreath with Lambs Ear

Bright and bold! Poppies are the stars of the show on this wreath ~ Beautiful coral colored poppies are accented with lambs ear on this fun summery wreath. It is finished with a festive black and white buffalo plaid bow.  This wreath is built on an 18" grapevine frame and has finished dimensions of about 22".  This design will certainly brighten up your front porch and give your home a pop of summery color! There is only one available!

The wreath features high-quality and real-touch florals attached using strong hot glue. There are multiple levels of beauty to this wreath; it looks beautiful from far away, but EVEN BETTER CLOSE UP.  Invest in long lasting beauty with high-quality florals on a sturdy grapevine base.  This wreath is an original HV Wreath Co. design.

All items on the wreath were placed and attached with great care and artistic consideration.  There is no visible hot glue or wire used for attaching items on the front of the wreath.  I create each wreath with precision and attention to detail as if each one is going to be displayed on my front door or inside my home. 

I cannot guarantee the lifespan of a wreath that is placed outdoors in a non-protected environment AND/OR a protected environment. For longevity, and to keep your wreath looking beautiful, when outside, I recommend keeping the wreath in a protected location, out of direct sunlight.